New device could help with disinfecting public spaces

New device could help with disinfecting public spaces
Posted at 2:34 PM, Sep 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-09 10:26:02-04

The idea of large crowds is still scary to a lot of people, but a new invention that helps kill COVID-19 germs instantly could be part of the solution to help us feel safe again.

Stadiums, theaters and seats have been sitting empty for months now. In this new reality we have found ourselves in, crowds can no longer gather in these places. For Mark Zurevinski, who once traveled the globe managing shows for superstars, business disappeared in an instant this spring.

"All hell breaks loose. By the 13th of March, we went from multi-millions of dollars on the books to zero."

With both his employees and his own livelihood on the line, Zurevinski looked around at all those stadiums and thought, maybe there could be a solution.

"I started to see, in the entertainment industry, everybody crossing their arms and waiting for the government to come to the rescue, find the solution," said Zurevinski.

So in the middle of COVID-19, as businesses worldwide shut down, he started a new one, Sani Pass. The company has developed a disinfection channel walk-through a machine. First, it takes your temperature, then nozzles spray a disinfectant that has been proven to kill COVID-19 germs.

"We're not suggesting that we're a cure," said Zurevinski. "We're suggesting that we are a part of a broader arsenal of product that needs to be implemented in order to bring us back to some form of normalcy."

Zurevinski says it takes about eight seconds for one person to get disinfected. The company estimates they could get 55 thousand people into a stadium in just 90 minutes.

Aside from stadiums, Zurevinski is even having conversations with some airports around the globe who are considering putting the Sani Pass in place. Right now, the cost is around $12,000 per machine.