New concourse, parking garages coming to Boise Airport by 2025

Posted at 4:23 PM, Mar 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-27 19:09:39-04

BOISE — Airport representatives presented the proposed upgrades to the Boise Airport to city council on Tuesday, reporting all hands on deck eager to get started. The proposed plan includes a new concourse, two new parking garages, and a rental car facility.

"This is all demand driven growth, so we've seen the growth of passengers by 49% over the past six years," said marketing manager Sean Briggs.

Like you follow a sequence at the airport; to check-in, security, and then to your gate for take-off, these projects have a specific trajectory too.

"These projects are all happening in a sequence, and so one of the first projects our passengers are going to notice is probably the employee parking garage," said Briggs.

Construction on that begins this summer, with additional improvements following suit.

"Certainly the projects that will impact the passengers the most will be the new exit plaza, so anyone that parks in our parking garage there will be a new exit for them, the new passenger parking garage and then certainly Concourse A," said Briggs.

For those worried the expanding population and airport plan means security wait times will expand too, Boise Airport says they're doing what they can to keep the vibe the same.

"When we build out Concourse A, we'll look at additional restaurants and retail shops, we certainly want to keep that local feeling within the airport and keep it that Boise feel," said Briggs.