New Boise Police uniform pins honor veterans

Posted at 10:37 AM, May 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-25 19:17:55-04

BOISE, Idaho — The Boise Police Department revealed new uniform pins over Memorial Day Weekend. The pins honor military veterans and help officers connect with other veterans in the community.


“There are 87 veterans working for the Boise Police Department, and at any time they may come into contact with some of the estimated 33,500 veterans living in Ada County,” said Boise Police Lt. John Tucker (US Marine Corps Veteran). ”These pins help spark a connection and allow people to see the officer as not just a uniform, but a military brother or sister.”

In a news release, the Boise Police Department said community policing is at the heart of what they do and the military service pins are another way they are working to connect with the community. Community policing is a organizational strategy allowing police and residents to work together.

“This is a small but significant change to our uniforms and we are looking forward to the conversations and connections that these pins will create as we talk with residents on a daily basis,” said Boise Police Captain Brian Lee (US Air Force Veteran)

The pins are 3/8 inch by 1 3/8 inch and identify what branch of the military the officer served in.

“For many veterans, public service continues to be a calling after they have left the military. We take pride in the number of veterans in our department and are excited to recognize them in this way,” said Boise Police Acting Chief Ron Winegar.

There are around 300 sworn officers with the Boise Police Department and at least a quarter of them served in the US Marines, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy or the US Coast Guard. The combined experience of military service in the Boise Police Department is currently 678 years. Their combined years of Boise Police Department service is 948 years right now.

“I am personally grateful for all of our military veterans and active military members,” said Boise Police Captain Matt Jones. “Our organization is blessed to have so many individuals who volunteered to serve and protect both our nation and our local community. These pins are a great way to honor their service and recognize their sacrifice.”