New Boise Airport donation stations to help non-profits

New Boise Airport donation stations to help non-profits
Posted at 12:37 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 14:37:34-04

The Boise Airport has rolled out three donation stations -- giving passengers the option to donate their loose change to local nonprofits. 

Passengers have the choice of donating to Friends of Zoo Boise, Friends of the Boise Public Library, and Neighbors in Need, a grant program for Boise’s most vulnerable residents.

“Oftentimes, when passengers divest their spare change in the security checkpoint, they fail to remove it from the bin with their other personal items,” said Boise Airport Director Rebecca Hupp. “On average, 4,800 passengers travel through the security checkpoint each day. If a fraction of them donate a few cents, it could add up quickly. A little can do a lot.”

“The airport plans to keep the selected non-profits in place for a least a year. At that point, the program will be evaluated” said airport spokesman Sean Briggs.

Jim James, president of the board of The Friends of the Boise Public Library was enthused to hear the news. “We’re pleased that The Friends is one of the first nonprofits to benefit from the new kiosks,” he said. "Our all-volunteer organization puts every cent to work to improve the library experience. Getting The Friends' name out and bringing donations in helps us meet our aim of keeping the library an ever-better center of learning, recreation and information.”