Neighbor shoots veteran's PTSD service dog

Posted at 9:23 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 15:20:34-04
After giving 14 years of his life to defend our country in the Army Reserves, Dustin Johns said he didn't come back the same person.
For Dustin, the PTSD was debilitating. He couldn't bring himself to go to the store, a restaurant, or even a movie.
"I had no emotion whatsoever or I was mad," explained Dustin.
When several forms of treatment didn't work, he decided to try a service dog.
"I went to the pound one day and found this dog that was like fully trained almost. His obedience was amazing and we brought him home," explained Dustin.
He named the dog Frag, and after some training, Dustin developed a deep relationship with the dog.
He said Frag helped him feel like himself again. 
"Somehow it worked. That dog knows when I need him right next to me," said Dustin.
"He could join us in things again I felt like, birthday parties, even events at the house," explained Dustin's sister Machelle.
But, just yesterday, something he never could have expected happened. 
He said he was out cleaning the shop when he heard a gunshot, followed by a yelp, but he said he didn't think much of it.
"About 5 o'clock I whistled for him because it was time to eat. I thought he was out in the pasture and he comes running from the neighbors down the lane and I could tell something was wrong," said Dustin.
The neighbor claims that Frag was trying to get into his chicken coup, so he shot him with a shotgun.
Dustin rushed Frag to the vet where he was taken into emergency surgery.
Frag is now clinging to life, but because the shot spray hit so much of his body, it's impossible to know if he will make it.
"It scares me that if he loses Frag we lose him," said Machelle.
Now, Dustin said he will do whatever it takes to save the dog that has done so much for him.
"Frag somehow saved my life numerous times, so I owe it to him," said Dustin.
"Frag needs Dusty just as much as Dusty needs Frag," said Machelle. 
The family has created a GoFundme account to help pay for the growing vet bills. If you would like to help Frag and Dustin, click here.