War in Ukraine helps boost gun sales in some U.S. cities

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Posted at 10:06 AM, Mar 17, 2022

TUCSON, Ariz. — Gun shops in some U.S. cities say sales of guns and ammunition are going up.

At Diamondback Shooting Sports, Ben Anderson says there’s no single explanation for the jump.

He says the war in Ukraine has boosted sales of the ammunition AK-47 rifles use because those rifles and similar models are being used in the war.

That makes people who own AK-style rifles in the U.S. worried the ammunition they use could become scarce.

High demand and supply chain shortages have led to shortages of some other types of ammunition too.

Anderson says the pandemic prompted some people to buy guns and they may be adding additional weapons now.

“A lot of times now where we had the big rush of first-time gun owners during the COVID times, and now what we're seeing is those individuals that purchased a pistol or a rifle or a shotgun are now coming back in for that alternate firearm," Anderson said.

"So if they purchased a pistol, they're here for a shotgun, if they purchased a rifle, they're here for a pistol, etc.”

Anderson said gun sales tend to rise when the President is a Democrat because gun owners worry gun controls will be tightened and gun sales tend to fall when a Republican is in office.

He says Diamondback offers firearms training and self-defense training that does not involve guns and demand for that training’s been steady for about three years.

This story was first reported by Craig Smith at KGUN in Tucson, Ariz.