Renting an RV for the first time during the pandemic? Follow these tips

Renting an RV for the first time during the pandemic? Follow these tips
Posted at 12:50 PM, Aug 04, 2020

People are taking a lot more road trips because their traditional travel plans have been canceled due to COVID-19.

Many are renting RVs for the first time. RV rental website Outdoorsy said in May and June, 93% of their bookings were first timers.

“The first thing I would say is don’t worry, you know a lot of the worry is up in your head, because these recreational vehicles looking larger and scary and intimidating to drive," said Jennifer Young, co-found and CMO of Outdoorsy.

Young says owners renting on the website are willing to walk an RV newbie through the entire process. If you don't want to drive one, they can come to you and set it up.

Insurance is covered for everyone when you rent online.

First time renters should really focus on researching where they want to stay.

“There are thousands and thousands of private RV parks, national parks, state level parks and BLM lands, free camping space available,” said Young.

Depending on where you stay, there may be a fee. In terms of pricing, the average RV rental on Outdoorsy is around $121 per night.

You usually only drive on the first and last day, so you're not spending a ton on gas. You can pack food to keep costs down.

And to no surprise, those surveyed by Outdoorsy said they felt less stressed and the kids were happier on a road trip.

“Spending time outside quite literally is the antithesis of being cooped up,” said Young. “Most of the time you spend when you're traveling is on the hikes exploring new places, checking out a river or a stream, going to a nearby town and just hanging out for the day.”

Another popular option now is car camping, essentially packing up a smaller rented vehicle or your own car and sleeping outside. Borrowing or renting camping gear is another way to trim costs.