Name brands vs. generic: Is there really a difference?

Earns General Mills
Posted at 11:55 AM, Dec 06, 2022

Buying generic brands at the grocery store can usually save shoppers money. However, some people are willing to sacrifice money for the familiar taste of name-brand products.

Consumer Reports conducted a blind taste test to compare 10 common foods from 10 different stores.

Mixed nuts from BJ's and peanut butter from Dollar General had issues with freshness. Greek yogurt from Kroger was on the sour side.

"They still might be worth the try," said Amy Keating, a registered dietician with Consumer Reports. "All the products have money-back guarantees, so keep that in mind as well."

Some store brands were comparable to name brands, especially when it came to bread, cereal and ketchup.

As far as saving money, Costco-branded items were the best deal. They could save shoppers more than 50% off the name brands.

Aldi and Walmart brands also ranked high for savings.

Overall, consumer reports found there was no loss in nutritional value with store-brand foods. Most ingredients were nearly identical.