Etsy sellers threaten to boycott site if it increases fees

Sellers could leave the online platform by April 11.
Posted at 1:37 PM, Mar 25, 2022

Another day, another worker strike.

This time, it’s sellers on the online platform Etsy who are refusing to sell their goods due to a new fee increase.

In February, Etsy announced it plans to raise transaction fees by 30%, starting April 11.

Now sellers and customers are signing an online petition that asks Etsy to not raise fees, calling the move, “nothing short of pandemic profiteering.”

If Etsy doesn’t cancel the fee increase, sellers say they will stop selling their products on the site, starting on April 11.

Sellers are also calling on Etsy to crack down on resellers who sell goods that were not designed by themselves, a faster support system, and allowing sellers to have control over offsite ads.

Buzzfeed News reports the company argues the fee increase will help expand “efforts around marketing, customer support” and removing listings that don’t fit its policies.