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Voting runs smoothly at the Meridian City Hall precinct

Posted at 2:54 PM, May 21, 2024

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Voters trickled in and out at Meridian City Hall during the May primary to cast their ballots. There weren't more than five voters inside at a time during the morning on Tuesday.

People were able to be in and out in a few minutes, it really depended on how long it took for voters to make their selections as several poll workers volunteered to help with the process.

A poll worker hands a voter a ballot

"It was very simple, very quick and they are very good in there," said Ada County voter Bill Morgan. "As soon as you come in you have four or five people saying hey how you doing? Can I help you? It is very efficient, very nice."

Bill Morgan feels an obligation to vote and perform his civic duty because he feels it honors his family.

Meridian City Hall

"My whole family has been in the military dating back to the Revolutionary War and they fought for our rights to do this," said Morgan. "It is very important that we exercise our rights that our men and women have fought for."

The process worked like this: Poll workers would confirm the voter's ID and then hand them a ballot to fill out at a booth. When they were finished they would put their ballot through the machine, there was also a table where people could register to vote.

Gary Armentrout receives his I voted sticker

"It felt good at least my voice was heard," said Ada County voter Gary Armentrout. "It went very smooth."

There was also an absentee ballot box outside city hall and we saw almost as many people submit their ballots that way.