Nampa woman gets photos back after losing them more than 10 years ago

Posted at 6:07 PM, Oct 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-28 20:07:53-04

After more than a decade a Nampa woman has received some priceless memories she thought was lost forever. Over two dozen photos of Carissa Ramos taken in what she believes is the late 1990's.

"I was surprised to see them, but it was a cool kind of like flashback thinking back to my old friends," said Ramos.
For Trudy Wood, it means a long time family mystery has been solved, years ago her daughter found the undeveloped roll of film on a walking path near her home in Eagle. 

After getting the photos developed and seeing the young girl, Trudy and her family knew they had to track the owner down.

"I took one of the pictures and copied it on to paper and took it down to Chevron posted and wrote does anybody recognize this girl and I got no response," Wood explained. 

While cleaning out some clutter recently, Wood stumbled on the photos once again; but this time, she put them on Facebook. 

Within a day, friends were able to track Ramos down. She says the photos were taken by a friend who was into photography asked her to be a model. 

"It takes a very kind and loving person to hold to photos like this for so many years it takes a really special person to do that and I can't tell Trudy how much I appreciate her," said Ramos.

While Ramos admits the photos shows those awkward teenage years, she plans to hold on to them and show to her mom. Something Wood, a mother herself, is happy to her. 

"Those years you can't get them back and all too soon life just happens, they are precious," Wood said. 

Ramos says she's still friends with the photographer who took the photos and plans to share them with her.