Nampa veteran finds peace through horses

Posted at 9:37 PM, Nov 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 23:37:52-05

 Every combat veteran has to come to terms with the stress of war. When Dan Waugh of Nampa came home after his fourth tour of duty, he found answers on the saddle of a horse. His passion was horses.

When he's not with his family, Dan can find peace in a  field with his four four legged friends. It's something he can appreciate after his four tours of duty overseas.

When Dan was 17 he enlisted with the encouragement from his father, but after spending five years as an aircraft mechanic, Dan wanted more. Dan says, "I wanted to get into the fight. I want to fight bad people in bad places." And that's exactly where he found himself one day on patrol in a section of Baghdad known as Sadr City.

He explains what happened when they took fire and what he called a hornet's nest. They made the call to get out of the dangerous situation, Dan was in a three vehicle convoy when they hit a roadside bomb. He remembers, "I got knocked out, woke up five minutes later with my nose, mouth and ears bleeding".

After his fourth and what would be his last tour, his government told him that was enough. Six On Your Side asked Dan, had they said he was alright to go back, he replied, "I'd go back today if I could. I could be ready in an hour".

Dan Waugh loves his country. And he isn't shy to tell anyone who will listen, saying, " We the people are what makes us a great country, regardless of who's in power or elected to govern. It's typical Americans that make us great, we're free, make our own decisions, and typically will stand up for what's right.

So with his family and horses by his side, Dan will continue to move forward with the lasting memories he will never forget