Nampa Schools study the word "kindness"

Posted at 9:44 PM, Feb 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 10:57:58-05

The Nampa School District is taking the opportunity of national kindness week to teach students what it means to treat everyone with respect.

"Kindness to me means a smile when you are down," said Rylee Hatch, 8th grader.

It's a term that schools all over the nation are trying to teach and promote as a way to avoid conflict among students.

"Kindness week is a national week," said Rene Homer, Educator at South Middle School.

"My shirt says be kind," said Hannah White, 8th grader.

This phrase has more relevance now than ever.

"Middle schools are hard sometimes," White added.

"You want to change the culture and make sure that your school is kind and a safe place for kids to be, "  Homer explained.

Homer said in our world kindness wins.

From notes on peoples lockers to hearts with messages, the students spent the week highlighting what kindness means to them.

"We just make it a better place more kids are gonna want to be here. More kids are gonna want to be at school," said White.

She adds that kindness goes a long way and can make everyone feel loved and respected even in the most desperate situations.