Nampa School District address school stabbing

Posted at 7:32 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 21:32:25-05

Police arrest a 17-year-old boy following a stabbing in the parking lot of a Nampa high school.
His 17-year-old ex-girlfriend also a student at Columbia High School hospitalized with what police call non-life-threatening injuries. After the incident  parents and students came to six on your side with concerns.

Evelynn Eslick is pretty shaken up about the stabbing at her school. 

"At first we hear a scream the kind of horror in her voice came out and  she screamed that there was someone in the bathroom and they were bleeding and it was all over," Said Evelynn Eslick

Evelynn was in her 4th period class when the attack happened  and Nampa police said another student stepped in to stop the attack.
Kathleen Tuck with the Nampa School District said within two minutes  police were on the scene... 

"We were able to take the student into custody immediately," Tuck said. "We were able to send a message home to parents within an hour letting them know what happened."

Evelynn's dad said he didn't hear about the stabbing until his daughter got home from school monday afternoon.

"What are you talking about all of these things race through your mind, Ken Eslick said. "Was it you, or someone you know are you okay?"

As Eslick began to process what happened he was filled with so many questions. 

"What if its was your child, hurt of scared and not knowing or being able to reach out to parents. When someone get hurt like that and their violence like that it's not an incident that you can take care of like that and go on with your day. This is serious, " said Eslick.

"A lot of us said there should have been a lockdown or lock the doors," Evelynn said. But Tuck said with the situation under control a lockdown was not necessary 
“When we go into a lock down it's because we are not sure whats going on, there is a continuing threat to students and we are trying to keep somebody away from them. This was not the case, there was a limited amount of people involved there was one person with a weapon and that person was immediately taken into custody, " Tuck said.

Tuck said they sent an email to parents an hour after the incident occurred.
Eslick said he did not receive and email would still like to have received some kind of notice like a text message instead.

"How serious does it have to get for them to comfort your child," Eslick said. “To allow parents be with their kids of have their kids be reassured."

While Tuck said the school followed protocol she assures parents they are always looking for ways to improve.

"I just came from a meeting. We talked with police and we talked about what could have been done differently, " Tuck said

Now that the dust is settled  and students are back in class. Everlynn said it is gonna be hard to get back to normal. 

Tuck  said counseling is available for students.
The male student was transported to the Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center and charged with attempted murder.