Nampa Police Officer shot 5 times lives to tell story

Posted at 6:35 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 20:35:38-04

A Nampa Police Officer is all too happy to be alive and to serve and protect people in the community.

Monday law enforcement across the Treasure Valley were taking a moment to celebrate the lives of two brave men who survived gunfire while on duty five years ago. The day that caused so much pain is now being celebrated as a day of hope and a day to be alive.

The number five might be just a number to you and me but for Nampa Police Officer Brad Childers it has a deeper meaning.

Childers was shot five times five years ago and against all odds the Idaho native lived to tell his story.

"One of the messages I will received  is happy alive day. glad to be with you," said Childers. 

He said the last shot hit him in the backside and his wallet saved his butt.  

At the time Childers was working for the Canyon County Sheriff's Office.

Around 11 p.m.  October 23rd 2012 Childers remembers hearing a call over the intercom about a man with a gun.

The  man in question  was Kyle Batts of Caldwell.

Childers and his partner responded to the call.

Upon arriving on the scene a chase began and then all of sudden bullets were flying.

"During the moment it was a rainbow of emotions," said Childers. "It started off with feeling ready knocking at the door, and then things went into fear and then an immediate anger and this all happened within 20-30 seconds of each other."

Childers said his training quickly kicked in which helped him survive.

He said while some might think twice about going back in the line of duty, Childers sees his experience as something to share.

"I took a different route and decided to stay in law enforcement and use this as a moment to strengthen our readiness for when these incidence do occur," said Childers.

Now his body cam video is used as training video for law enforcement across the state of Idaho.

Every year around this time Childers and his former partner meet up and celebrate their second chance. 

"The biggest change are that the hugs from my boys are that much stronger," said Childers.