Nampa Police host first "Tweet-Along"

Posted at 10:33 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-24 00:33:00-04

They might be limited by 140 characters on Twitter, but there's no telling what kind of characters Cpl. Mike Arnold will encounter on his first ever live-tweet ride along.

"You never know,” Arnold says. “That's the fun thing about this job, that you never know what you're going to get."

Starting at 7:00 pm Friday, Nampa PD has been live on Twitter detailing Arnold’s Friday night patrol.

"It's going to give the public an opportunity to kind of be in the front seat with me and to just experience the stuff that I go through,” he says.

Arnold says he hopes the tweet-along opens a dialogue between Nampa's officers and the public.

"It takes down that wall of the ‘us vs. them’,” he says. “We don't want it to be like that; we're the same as everyone else."

With contention around the nation between some police forces and their communities, Arnold says he's thankful for the support he and the other officers in the department have received.

"This community really supports the police,” Arnold says. “They bring in cookies and food and all kinds of stuff just to say thanks, to tell us that they are thinking about us and they do support what we do."

Arnold says though Friday's tweet-along was a first for the department, it's just one more way to connect with the people they protect and serve

Arnold is not tweeting and driving; he has a passenger doing the tweeting for him.

You can follow along with the tweet-along on their handle @NampaPolice1 until midnight.