Nampa Police hides painted rocks to connect with community

Posted at 8:39 PM, Sep 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-11 22:38:21-04

Hundreds of people from Idaho have joined Facebook groups dedicated to painting and hiding rocks.

Many of the stones are covered with colorful images and inspiring messages and then are hidden around the community for strangers to find. 

Now, the Nampa Police Department is joining the craze, painting more than 50 rocks, but what makes the rocks even more unique than their bright colors and creative designs is the message they send. 

On each of the rocks is a Nampa Police badge number and a note asking the finder to take a photo with the rock, and send them a message. 

They can also go to the Facebook page and find a photo with each of the officers, and their rock and badge number so the finders can tell which officer's rock they got. 

"They might not necessarily get to meet us or see us in person but it creates more of that bond to know they have an officer that they are kind of representing out in the community as well," said Sgt. Brian Jones.

Those who find the rocks can choose to keep them as a keepsake or hide them for someone else to find. 

"We will hopefully keep getting updated," said Jones. "The longer it goes, the better for us. The more we are reaching out to the community and getting them involved and being proactive with us."

Once they receive a number of photos, they plan on making a video compilation to share with the community to prove once and for all that Nampa Police 'rocks'.

"I think the best thing will be seeing how far out it reaches and the kiddos reactions to finding these things," said Jones.