Nampa Police Department looking to get new body cameras

They've had the current cameras for about 7 years
Posted at 5:41 AM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 07:41:28-05

The Nampa Police Department will probably be replacing their body cameras in 2017. They've had their current cameras for about seven years, but they say the video from those cameras takes a long time to download.

One of the biggest issues has been the cost of replacing those cameras. With the help of a grant, the new cameras will have a lot more capabilities.

"One of the big advantages is that, the way the system is set up, almost immediately once an officer is done with their contact, the camera will automatically download into the system. So, officers aren't going to have to come back to the police department and download the information or the video, it's going to automatically happen and that's going to save us a lot of time out on the streets," said Sergeant Rob Wiggins, Nampa Police Department.  

The new cameras look similar to a smart phone and will be mounted inside a vest that officers will wear. They will cost $100,000 for the first year.