Nampa PD using social media to solve crime

Posted at 7:52 PM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 22:45:59-05

Nampa Police is using humor to help fight crime.

They recently posted this on their Facebook talking about meth that was found in Nampa. 
An anonymous tip was placed into the station and when officers recovered the meth, they were baffled as to whom it belonged, so they turned to social media to solve the riddle.

It reads: 

"We knew the temperature was getting colder but we had no idea it 'snowed' last night! Someone who is very festive tried to package some special 'snowflakes' but forgot to take them home.

Fortunately, a concerned citizen recognized that the owner may want them back, so the police were called to retrieve them.

We definitely don’t want to be Grinchy around this time of year so we would love to track down the owner. We won’t require much to prove ownership, just a few fingerprints to compare what was found on the bag. If it’s yours, we may even take you to a place with free room and board for the holidays!"

"Someone who is very festive tried to package some special snowflakes but forgot to take them home." Sergeant Tim Riha says a couple of offices collaborated on the post.  

"I think we mention that we would give them a nice warm place to stay for the holidays," Riha added. "We like to use humor when we can when something comes up where we can connect with the community we are gonna take that opportunity."