Nampa middle schooler earns national ranking, fastest 400 meter

Nampa middle schooler earns national ranking, fastest 400 meter
Posted at 4:32 PM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-20 19:09:27-04

NAMPA — When Adeline Wimer hits the track, she knows every second counts.

"The original record was 59.9, and then it was perfect weather, and I was like I think I'm going to beat it," said Wimer.

Competing at an all-city meet she shaved off a few of those seconds, propelling her into the national ranking for fastest middle school girl 400-meter run.

"My coach called out 58 point something seconds, and I broke down and started crying because I was so amazed," said Wimer.

58.34 seconds was her exact time. To put that into perspective, 400 meters is one full lap around a track. Four laps around a track make a mile, so she's completing a quarter-mile in less than a minute.

"It's like when you get done it just like having this overwhelming feeling of joy," said Wimer.

The feat isn't one she accomplished alone, says Wimer; she has her support system cheering her on every step of the way.

"Sorry, I get emotional, but she just ran really well," said her mother, Christine Wimer.

Making sure she keeps up with her studies, her parents say the goal to beat that 400-meter record has always been on her mind.

That speed has always been there, and now she's really channeling that into track, and it's really neat to watch her blossom," said Christine.

Adeline heads to high school next year with a new series of goals and records, but she's not planning to slow down any time soon.

"I never get tired of it," said Wimer.

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