Nampa golf course spared rezoning pains

Nampa golf course spared rezoning pains
Posted at 9:54 PM, Dec 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 23:54:02-05
Nampa golfers are rejoicing.
They rallied to save Ridgecrest and Centennial golf courses near the interstate from development.
And as a result, the owner of the land has pulled a request to rezone the property.
It's no small thing that Health and Welfare has given up it's attempt to rezone land it owns in Nampa.
They had been working on it since 2011 and it recently stalled.
And it's no surprise, golfers were ecstatic about that.
"I think that's going to be a real benefit for us. And every time you go golfing," says Vic Rodriguez,"you're helping the city and the community. So I just can't be more elated for that."
Health and Welfare owns close to 600 acres near the Garrity exit, including Centennial and Ridgecrest golf courses.
It was hoping to sell it all to a developer, but it needed the ctiy to rezone the land for commercial interests and the city council balked.
"There's been discussions ongoing for about four months; we haven't gotten real far," laments Nampa Mayor Bob Henry,  "So I think, I was bringing it back to council for a final decision. I think this makes sense to just pull it and start over with some talks."
So, it's back to the drawing board because of one, well organized group who teed off on the idea.
"The main reason was golf." says Tom Shanahan with Health and Welfare, "They wanted to preserve their golf courses."
The mayor says there probably won't be any change in zoning for the next three years.
But for Health and Welfare, that just means the value of their land will keep going up.
"Being patient from the state side is advantageous." says Shanahan.
And the extra time also gives the city the opportunity to explore the possibility of buying the land for the golf courses.