Boy who nearly drowned makes miraculous recovery

Posted at 10:25 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 00:25:51-05

Drake Messer was at his family home nearly seven weeks ago when his parents lost track of him for just a moment.

When they found him, it was a parents worst nightmare.

He was face down in the family fish pond, not breathing.

He was given CPR until medics arrived and was rushed to St. Lukes.

"When he first came to the hospital a lot of us thought that he may not make it," said Dr. Jacob Neufeld, a pediatric rehabilitation doctor with St. Lukes.

Drake was born with autism, and was already fighting a lifelong battle.

After his accident, his family was left to wonder if there would be any added struggle.

"From a medical standpoint, he had all the indications of being severely injured and having severe brain damage," said Dr. Neufeld.

"The first night we went and saw him it was about 24 hours after the accident. I was really scared that I was going to have to prepare myself to go to a students funeral. There is no way to prepare yourself for that," said Danna Eldredge, Drake's special education teacher.

Drake eventually woke up and was given the ok to go home.

After just 24 hours of being home, Drake started getting better, and fast.

Now nearly 7 weeks later, his is back to his rambunctious ways.

He even went to school Thursday for the first time since the accident without his mom.

"We had one kiddo that as soon as she saw him her coat and her backpack was off and she booked it towards him and give him a hug," said Eldredge.

"I never thought that I would actually get him back. You want to believe what the doctors say, as far as what they were telling me what normally happens to someone who has suffered this type of accident. I would have never though I would even get a part of him back," said Kimberly Messer, Drake's mom.

At his checkup today, the doctor said he couldn't believe how well drake is doing.

"I consider his recovery a miracle," said Dr. Neufeld.

Drake's mom said she couldn't find the words to explain how thankful she is for all of the communities support and prayers.

She said she believes that is the reason for Drakes miraculous recovery.