Mountain Community School partners with Tamarack to bring a school to the Resort

Posted at 5:37 PM, Oct 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-15 19:37:16-04

IDAHO — Among a ski resort and other recreational activities, Tamarack will now be home to a school.

Through a partnership with Tamarack Resort and Mountain Community School, a new and unique opportunity for learning in the outdoors is coming to the McCall-Donnelly School District area.

“It will provide an opportunity of choice in education in the area and we really focus on a place-based, project-based approach where students advance to the next level after they’ve reached mastery. We really meet the student where they are at," Dr. Jennifer Schon, MCS Co-Founder said. "We do that where we focus on bigger questions, solving problems, and getting kids outside to do that. Being out at Tamarack means we can be out year-round accessing all the wonderful resources that they have."

MCS is a free public charter school. It will be open to any student in K-8th grade that is in the McCall-Donnelly School District boundaries. Enrollment is through an application-based lottery system.

“We have something a little bit different than what traditional school looks like," Patrick Berg, MCS Co-Founder said. "There are endless opportunities out there for learning, and it really allows us to dig into getting kids outside and learning through their place and understanding that and who they are.”

The curriculum will focus on outdoor education, as well as other subjects, using resources around Tamarack as a classroom and a playground for the students.

“Every student across any socioeconomic status will be able to have free season passes at Tamarack, which allows us to utilize lift services to study different ecosystems, for recreation, just outdoor recreation,” Jonas Bean, MCS Board President said. "It doesn't matter where the kids come from everyone will be on an even playing field using everything Tamarack has to offer."

The school will open in fall 2022 and will be located in the resort. For the link to apply for the lottery enrollment, click here.