Board of Correction approves prison leaders' tightened exemptions on public disclosure

Local members of the media express concern.
Posted at 1:54 PM, May 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 11:05:23-04

BOISE, Idaho — In an open public meeting Monday, the Board of Correction approved a motion to keep security camera footage, the location of cameras, and the number of cameras exempt from public disclosure.

According to Jeffrey Ray, Public Information Officer, Idaho Department of Correction, IDOC has declined all requests to release security camera video for the last six years:

Today, we simply asked the Board of Correction to affirm the Idaho Department of Correction’s long-standing position on the release of security-camera video. Our top priority is the safe and secure operation of our correctional facilities. Today, in an open public meeting, the board affirmed IDOC’s position that it does not release certain information, including the number and location of security cameras, and video from them, because doing so would allow someone to determine coverage, and could put staff and people in the department’s care at risk.

Local members of the media expressed their dismay with the motion approval. Reporters like Rebecca Boone, Associated Press, mentioned stories she was able to bring to the public's attention using prison security camera footage.

Melissa Davlin, journalist and producer, Idaho Public Television, used the word "furious" to describe her feelings on the motion.

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