Mother of slain 3-year-old in Boise mass stabbing files wrongful death suits

Suits have been filed against the suspect Timmy Kinner, the tenant who housed him, the apartment owners, a supervisor, and managers of the complex.
Posted at 9:45 PM, Dec 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-27 00:25:21-05

BOISE, ID — Slain 3-year-old Ruya Kadir's mother Bifituu Kadir is now seeking a jury trial against 5 defendants, starting with the Northwest Real Estate Capital Corporation-- a local nonprofit that owns the Wylie Street Station Apartment Complex-- and the Tamarack Property Management Co., which manages the complex.

Allegations include that Tamarack and Northwest Real Estate "knew or should have known" that Timmy Kinner, the suspect, was staying in the apartment complex, and that by permitting him to stay there, they failed to protect Ruya.

Other defendants include Muhiba Muhic; a tamarack employee who supervises the apartments, Kinner; the suspect in the stabbing, and "Jane Doe 1"-- a Congolese refugee who reportedly allowed Kinner to stay in her apartment for an extended period.

The wrongful death lawsuit also states that Kadir was "never away from her daughter as her daughter was her life."

Allegations go into detail about the emotional impact Ruya's needless death has had on her mother, the Plaintiff. One of them reading: "Ahe has begged her husband many nights to take her to the burial place so that she could dig up the body of her daughter and make sure she was really deceased."

Kadir says in the suit, that right after the horrific June 30 attack, in a ride to hospital she became frustrated with traffic, so she got out and carried her bleeding child to the hospital-- which she alleges has caused not just emotional and mental anguish, but also physical pain in her leg and back. Because of this, she alleges, she has incurred both counseling and medical expenses.

Kinner's trial is set for January of 2020.