Mother goose chooses St. Luke's for maternity care year after year

Posted at 6:26 PM, May 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-12 17:06:16-04

A Treasure Valley mom has chosen the maternity wing at St. Luke's Meridian to have her babies for the past seven years.

This year was no different as she walked away with seven new babies. 

The mama goose has laid her eggs outside the window between Labor & Delivery and Postpartum every time. 

The staff on the floor says they look forward to the new arrivals every spring.

"We're always interested to see who can get the egg count so we know what to be expecting and try to figure out the days, how long she's going to be there, when they're gonna hatch," Erin Jensen, St. Luke's registered nurse, said.

Mom, dad and babies have all left for the year, but the hospital expects this mother goose back next spring.