Mother Earth Brewery partners with local farmers in a sustainable way

Posted at 4:05 PM, Mar 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-29 13:39:12-04

NAMPA — The craft brewing scene continues to grow in the Treasure Valley and that means competition, but it also means breweries are doing what they can to be sustainable in an effort to manage cost and overhead.

Brewing beer is a process that includes many different ingredients, and the brewers at Mother Earth try to save what they can. They were one of the businesses who brewed a batch of beer using treated wastewater last summer.

"We use some of our liquid sideways to irrigate and fertilize fields. We use the spent grain to help feed cattle," said Chris Baker of Mother Earth Brewery.

After grain mixes with hot water in a mash ton, the water moves on to the fermenter, but the spent grain goes outside where it piles up inside a trailer that a local farmer will come and pick up.

"We remove all the sugars from it and a lot of the protein, but there is a ton of fiber and a ton of nutrients that is left over... a farmer can use it to decrease their feed cost," said Baker.

The unique partnership also helps Mother Earth because they don't have to spend time and money to take the spent grain away.

"If we didn't have somebody to pick it up we would have to truck it and find a place to put it," said Baker.

Working with Idaho farmers brings pride to Mother Earth, as they tell us they are proud to call Nampa home after moving their brewing production from California.

"The beer scene is growing so fast and there is so much interest in the community," said Baker.