More Greenbelt sections closed due to floodwaters

Posted at 10:48 AM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-23 12:48:33-04

Boise Parks and Recreation staff have closed a stretch of the north side of the Greenbelt from the Main Street tunnel to the Trestle Bridge, due to flooding concerns.

“A detour is in place that routes cyclists and pedestrians to the south side of the Greenbelt,’ said Boise City parks and Recreation Department spokeswoman Bonnie Shelton.

“The latest information we have received from the Bureau of Reclamation indicates flows on the Boise River will reach 8,000 cfs (cubic feet per second) by Friday. Because of pressure concerns, engineers have instructed Boise Parks and Recreation crews to shut off the pump underneath the Main Street tunnel that has kept it dry up to this point. The pump is not designed to handle flows up to 8,000 cfs,” she explained.

Sections of the Greenbelt that the Boise Parks and Recreation Department officials have already closed are:

-under the Parkcenter Bridge at Logger Creek
-the entire Bethine Church River Trail
-the section of Greenbelt and a gravel nature path near Marianne Williams Park, between East Parkcenter Boulevard and South Eckert Road.
-the section of Greenbelt near Marianne Williams Park at the bridge over Walling Creek, which is south of E. Warm Springs Avenue.
-the boardwalk under the Capitol Boulevard Bridge on the south side of the Greenbelt 

“We continue to ask that cyclists and pedestrians obey all posted signs along the Greenbelt and stay out of closed areas. Safety is our top priority,” Shelton added.

The water is flowing cold, fast and deep and the Boise Fire Department is warning people and pets to stay out of the Boise River and away from the bank.