'Mom Jokes' comedy night sells out Liquid Laughs

It's comedy for moms, by moms.
Posted at 4:46 PM, Nov 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-22 20:13:47-05

BOISE, Idaho — In a male-dominated industry, this Sunday Liquid Laughs is hosting a comedy night for moms, by moms. It's called Mom Jokes.

“If you haven’t thought about throwing your kids in the river, are you even a mom?” said Krystal Moore, the Boise comedian who conceived of Mom Jokes.

And this group of roughly seven local Boise comedians want Treasure Valley moms to know that sometimes it’s okay to laugh about the struggles. And how would they know? Well, because they’re all moms too.

“And there’s emotional baggage to being a mom that you don’t get to get off your chest except with other moms who get it," said Moore.

These purveyors of mom jokes plan to share experiences they maybe wouldn’t otherwise share. One mom comic, Merry Cole, had her second baby less than a month ago.

“And what that transition’s like -- like how many days can I push dry shampoo in my life and it’s a lot, I just found out. I can go through a lot of dry shampoo," said Cole.

And the demand, as it turns out, is strong.

“It just took off -- just took off. I think 17,000 people have seen that event and 800 of them have clicked on it,” said Moore.

“The more women that you get doing shows like this, the more that our our stories get representation," added Cole.

The show sold out a week before the date -- something that Moore says rarely happens in Boise for local talent.

“I think it tells us that women in this area are hungry for comedy. We wanna laugh. We’re still fun.”

If you missed your chance to get tickets for this one-- don’t worry. Krystal says she’s hosting another Mom Jokes night on February 23. Tickets are currently available for purchase here.