Mom/daughter duo harness the power of nature for holistic skincare line

Earthed Skin Co. helps heal, soothe & soften skin
Posted at 9:02 AM, Aug 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-19 11:10:50-04

KUNA, Idaho — Moms and daughters tend to have a special bond, but for one mom-daughter duo in Kuna, that bond includes a business!

Megan Nino is a holistic esthetician by trade, and she's one half of Earthed Skin Co., an all-natural, holistic skincare company that she runs with her mom, Christine Chapman.

"I love working with my mom," Nino says. "We have a synergy together as business partners." Chapman agrees: "It's good, like cogs in a clock."

The ladies launched Earthed from Chapman's Kuna farm just last year, but the roots of the business were put down two decades ago when treatments Chapman was prescribed for acne after the birth of her kids just didn't cut it.

"They gave me some topicals to take and I wasn't completely getting rid of the issue so I started researching holistic skin products."

While Chapman's goal was to extract the medicinal qualities of the oils and herbs she uses, she wound up finding an unexpected bonus: "It just so happens that it ends up being very soothing and smells wonderful and works great on your skin too."

Chapman quickly knew she was on to something, and while she tried going it alone at first, when Megan said they should give it a go together, it was music to her ears. "[Megan] she brings to the business," says Chapman, "I bring my formulating gift and we just really mesh well together."

Both women are passionate about organic, clean, and sustainable ingredients, many of which are grown and harvested at the Chapman farm, including " and some of our own lavender...rosemary, sunflowers," says Chapman.

And while Earthed products are free of pesticides and fertilizers, they are chock full of soothing scents and luxurious textures.

"We've got body oil, face oil, beard oil salt scrub, body butter, we do have some unscented options," says Nino. "Plus nine different bar soaps. And all of it is planned, produced, poured and packaged right from their little corner of earth in southwest Idaho.

If you want to sample and take home some Earthed products for yourself, you can find Christine and Megan at the Nampa and Eagle farmers markets on any given weekend. They also sell and ship their products worldwide through their website.