Mom credits Boise School District for helping child learn to talk

Posted at 10:08 PM, Oct 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-10 00:08:21-04

If you find yourself in a room with 8-year-old Jack, you would never be able to tell speaking hasn't always come easy.

When Jack was just 18-months-old, his parents began to notice he wasn't like most other children his age.

"He would say little things at 18 months but then he stopped," explained Jack's mother Jessica Hight.

After speaking to a pediatrician and not getting answers about Jack's lack of communication doctors recommended Jack see a speech therapist. 

"At one point a private speech therapist had evaluated him and said that his expressive language which is how you communicate to the outside world was that of a three-month-old," explained Hight.

Experts recommend teaching Jack to use a communication board to help him get his feelings across. 

"We just didn't take that as an answer," explained Hight.

But his parents never gave up and by four he was speaking in simple sentences.  

"One night I was reading 'are you my mother' to him and it was the very first book my husband and I read to him when we brought him home from the hospital  and after I finished he grabbed me and he said my momma and that was just like the best moment ever," said Hight.

From then on, Jack continued to progress and eventually was enrolled in the Boise School District where teachers continued to work with him.

Earlier this month the school told them that Jack no longer needed special assistance and his vocabulary is in the 97th percentile. 

"We were so excited," said Hight.

While he's come so far Jessica and Jared said it could have never happened without Jack's persistence to learn despite the obstacles and all of the help from the Boise School District.

 "I also know his teachers were never going to give up on him," said Hight. "They are the best advocates on that side of things because we can only do so much as parents. We need the teachers and the administration and everyone who's working with our kids to do as much as they can and I honestly believe they have."