Middle schoolers give $3,000 to local nonprofits

Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-12 19:41:18-04

BOISE — You might just be looking at the next generation of philanthropists.

"We're pretty young and I think it's rally important to see how we can make a difference and let other people know that," said Victory Middle School student Olivia Luna.

Eight schools across Idaho are participating in the middle school philanthropy program put on my Idaho Community Foundation and CenturyLink. Each school gets $3,000 to give to local non-profits.

"More than 200,00 dollars has been given away and that's really all over Idaho," said communications director for Idaho Community Foundation Jennifer Kronberg.

The students at Indian Creek Academy in Caldwell are researching how their dollars can help those struggling with hunger, drawing on their own experiences.

"Our project is Oasis Food and the reason we chose them is because there's parents struggling cause they have to work and they don't have that much food to feed their kids and I've been in that situation where my mom worked and I was the oldest so I had to feed my kids and stuff so it means a lot to me," said student Marissa Schaaf.

Another group is wanting to give back to a specific nonprofit that's helped his family, the Idaho Veterans Garden.

"One of my family members served in the military and still today he goes to veterans garden," said student Christopher Gomez.

While each group picks a different nonprofit to present about, the project has a similar effect on each of them.

"It's making me a better person and I get to care more about my community and I would love to help out and make people feel they're loved," said Schaaf.