Middle schoolers compete for shot at Scripps National Spelling Bee

Middle schoolers compete for shot at spelling bee
Middle schoolers compete for shot at Scripps National Spelling Bee
Posted at 3:20 PM, Jan 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-30 19:09:46-05

MERIDIAN — Kids across the valley have been practicing every day for a shot at competing in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

"I made it to three rounds, and I got out on [a word] but I want in for redemption again," said 6th grader Boston Young.

"I hope that I at least try my best and make it to the next round and if i don't make it to nationals, that's okay because i tried my best," said 7th grader Alexandria Cooper.

Some battling their nerves for a chance of advancing.

"I've been taking it really seriously and I'm like really nervous," said 6th grader Eryn Ellsworth

They might be in middle school but their plans for the prize money are still focused on the long term.

"I think I'm the most excited about maybe making it to nationals, and if i win nationals, my mom is really struggling and i can give my mom the money," said Ellsworth.

"If I win the $40,000 then I'll put that towards my college," said 6th grader Kaden Swaim.

Despite the past few weeks of practicing, only one can advance to the next round. Each of students say the work is worth it.

"I'm most proud of being able to accomplish this because i was like really nervous that I couldn't and knowing that I came this far made me even prouder," said Ellsworth.

Ultimately, all the hard-work paid off for Alexandria, who's headed to the regional bee.
Fully support by her peers, they're excited to see who has a shot at being the national 'w-i-n-n-e-r'.