Metallica accepts Boise radio DJ's challenge to lose weight

Posted at 5:24 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 19:24:09-04

Jeremi Schlader or Big J as he's known on 100.3 the X Rocks got a surprise from the heavy metal band Metallica, who accepted Big J's challenge and will grant the DJ and interview with the entire band if he can lose one hundred pounds by November.

Metallica will rock Taco Bell Arena on November 28, Big J has been a fan of Metallica ever since he can remember, he said it was the first band where he could name everybody in the band.

"It's a big deal, Metallica is a big deal for me," said Big J. "Interviewing them would be awesome, but this is something I have to do for my family, to be there for my kids and my wife."

Big J suffers from a binge eating disorder that he has battled as long as he has rocked out to his favorite band Metallica.

"It is extremely difficult," said Kiley Schlader, Big J's wife. "He has a very good support system and we are behind him one hundred percent, we just want him to be healthy."

In addition, Big J wants his efforts to lose weight to be public because he wants to raise awareness and help others who have to deal with eating disorders.

But a little extra motivation from Metallica could help Big J Turn the Page.

"The pressure is on now," said Big J. "I have to stay focused and I'm going to turn the audio into my alarm so I wake up every day with Metallica."