Meridian urology clinic sees surge in vasectomies during March Madness

Posted at 7:47 PM, Mar 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-17 21:47:19-04

Even though Idaho didn't make it to the big dance, Vandal fan Brad Peterson has come up with a plan to watch March Madness. Like many men, he's getting his fix of college basketball after getting fixed.

"I have two beautiful daughters at home so I said it's time to take that next step to get it done and I said what a better weekend to do it," explained Brad Peterson who got a vasectomy. 

Doctors at the Idaho Urologic Institute say this is the busiest time of year for vasectomies.

"I haven't filled out a bracket this year yet, I'll probably be doing vasectomies instead of watching basketball," said Dr. Jared Heiner of Idaho Urologic Institute.

The Idaho Urologic Institute is cashing in on the cut by offering Vas Madness. Nic and Big J over at 100.3FM The X say even if  you're a little sore the morning after, you'll never have a better excuse to watch some college hoops.

"You have a doctor's note to watch basketball what more could you ask for," said Nic. 

Some patients who get the snip do get to walk around with that bag of peas, courtesy of the Vas Madness survival kit, which also includes the perfect basketball snack, a bag of nuts. Doctors say this is a banner year for March Madness vasectomies, with 60 extra patients coming in to get the snip. 20 of them next Friday, just in time for the Sweet Sixteen. 

"We give an excuse to watch basketball and thaw out some vegetables," said Dr. Heiner. 

Doctors say the sterilization process for women requires a much larger operation. But for men, it's a slam dunk that takes less time than watching an entire game. For Brad, getting his vasectomy is just one of his shining moments for his wife.

"My wife has been a trooper with our two daughters and had two c-sections so I'm happy to do it," said Peterson.