New Meridian snow storm hotline gets calls and help to the right place

(208) 895-3300 is for non-emergency snow problems
Posted at 4:28 PM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-12 20:22:59-05

More than 100 people have found success with their snow emergency-related problems by calling Meridian's new number (208) 895-3300, and the email is:,

"We just ask for everybody to be patient.," said Lt. Scott Colaianni of the Meridian Police Department. "We will get to it when we can, or we will find an answer for you. If we have to have Ada County or [our flood response team] look at it again... we're looking at everything."

Callers firstly hear an outgoing message from incident command detailing the emergency response efforts throughout the city in order of priorities.  Then the caller is invited to leave a message with specific information to the caller including their address.

Lt. Colaianni says even city workers are responding to the emergency like everyone else -- going home, shoveling snow, and working longer hours, and reminds callers that they're all in it together.

An internal document says:

1) the main calls are in regards to storm drains and plowing.

2) Priorities are: 

  1. Life safety (non-emergency medical)
  2. Property threats
  3. Critical infrastructure
  4. Other needs