Meridian Middle School hosts technology awareness forum

Posted at 10:35 PM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 00:42:03-04

With technology advancements comes a lot of benefits, but it also has it's negative effects as well. 

"All the sudden you know this platform where they have to figure it out, but what I don't think they understand fully is that once it's out there online, it's permanent," said Monica Tanner, a Treasure Valley mom. 

Tanner runs a podcast and is a concerned mom who decided take action.  

"Somebody heard my podcast and said have you seen this guy Collin Kartchner and I said no and so I searched him and I though wow I love what he's doing, it's a long shot I'll reach out to him and I'm sure he totally ignore me and he got back to me right away," said Tanner. 

"Kids today have tons of stuff at their fingertips and their pockets and parents really it's hard to keep up and this technology is coming out every single day. What's good what's bad what's not what's safe," said Collin Kartchner, social media crusader. 

"And we're seeing an epidemic rise in teen anxiety and depression, suicidally, among youth because we're handing them these devices with untethered access to the world and we're not showing them how to use them," said Kartchner

 Events like those are all about creating awareness and starting conversations with families. 

"I love these kids. I love these families and I mean I just want us to all work together to make it the best place in the whole wide world to live," said Tanner.