Meridian girl heads to the World Series competing in the MLB Pitch, Hit & Run program

She will represent Idaho as a top scorer in the softball 9/10 year old division
Posted at 5:38 PM, Oct 24, 2023

MERIDIAN, Idaho — update 10/30/23:

Morgan Hobbs competed over the weekend in the MLB Pitch Hit and Run finals. Though she did not win the competition, making it to the finals was an experience of a lifetime.

original story:

A 10-year-old Meridian softball player is headed to the World Series to represent Idaho in the MLB’s Pitch Hit and Run Finals.

Each year during the world series, the MLB puts on the youth baseball and softball competition, and qualifying for the final round is ‘not a walk in the ballpark.’

Morgan Hobbs earned her spot as a finalist in the triple threat competition by earning a top score in the regional qualifying round, back in September at T-Mobile Park.

Her journey competing for a spot in the finals started months ago, but she’s always had a love for softball.

“She is ranked number three in the nation based on her score from the regional competition, and so therefore she qualified to compete at the World Series. And so she’ll be one of five kids in the 9-10 year old softball division competing,” said her mom, Heidi Hobbs.

Before her victory in Seattle, Morgan stood out as a talented softball player in Meridian’s Youth Baseball Softball League last spring.

“We only had like one week to practice so we practiced every moment we could when we weren’t in school or something,” said Morgan Hobbs.

Her teammate Hadley recalled a time where she had to bat against Morgan in a previous season.

“I remember playing the Tigers and I saw her pitching, and I was like ‘Oh shoot, she is way too fast for me’,” said teammate Hadley.

Morgan’s mom Heidi has been by her side through it all, “we are really proud of Morgan as she loves playing softball and so this is right up her alley and it’s just such an exciting opportunity for her to go and compete at the World Series and meet some hits from around the country and it’s just a fun,” said Hobbs.

Morgan and her fellow finalists will head to Texas as the World Series begins Friday.

“They’re gonna have a watch party for game one of the World Series and then they all have tickets to game two the World Series. And a bunch of fun events and stuff for them during the day and then I’ll compete the day after game two of the World Series,” said Hobbs.

“I’m excited about going and competing and then watching games. And meeting all the other people from around the country,” said Morgan.