Mentoring the next generation of journalists

Posted at 4:02 PM, Jan 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 20:20:41-05

BOISE, Idaho — Teaching people how to discern fact from fiction is part of the mission of our parent company, Scripps. That's why company leaders created National News Literacy Week.

As part of National News Literacy Week, 6 On Your Side and our sister stations across the country are partnering with journalism students to support the next generation of journalists. Here in Idaho, we're partnering with broadcasting students at Mountain View High School.


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The teens will be using our extensive platforms to share stories they've created with you. Every day, broadcasting students at Mountain View are responsible for reporting their school's news.

"In order for it to happen requires about 15 people dedicated on a certain job and then you have to have the rest of the class out producing content at the same time," said Mike Gartner, a broadcasting teacher at Mountain View. "There's a lot that has to happen in 90 minutes, but they get it done."

These teens may be your next generation of journalists--and it's their voices 6 On Your Side is eager to support. We started with a classroom discussion about growing up in the age of "fake news" and how students can tell fact from fiction.

Technology keeps them in the loop constantly, yet these young content creators say they don't often hear their perspective shared.

"I think a lot of times we are upset because we are not heard and I don't know why that is," said Jonathan Silva, a junior at Mountain View. "Maybe it's because we are young or they tell us we are too young. But I love that we are representing the youth because it gives us a chance to talk and to show what we think about a certain topic."


This week, these #highschool #broadcasting #students are looking at #phonetracking #apps like #life360, and #exploring both sides of the issue. #fyp

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The first topic the students chose can be divisive, especially between teens and their parents: tracking apps on their phones. The young journalists are interviewing adults and their peers and doing their own research on how the apps work.

The students say the project is making them feel seen and heard.

"This is how we feel about a situation and this is us taking over to explain our view on the situation," said Sariah Gomez, a junior at Mountain View. "This is a lot more personal."

When it comes to air time, they're hoping you (the viewer) will have at least one reaction.

"I'm just hoping they can be like, 'Wow, they did a great job,'" said Silva.

The Mountain View students will share their story on phone tracking apps on 6 On Your Side on Thursday.