Memorial Day travel guide

Hwy 55 and gas prices could be rough
Posted at 5:43 AM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 07:44:38-04

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and if you are planning on heading into the high country, there might be some problems on the drive.

Officials say it is a treacherous time to be driving Highway 55 to McCall. Not only is the road beat up from landslides and potholes, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) says extremely wet weather means the risk of more threats is high.

"Up in the mountains we've been getting some rain, and just like we saw this spring when the mountains are soaked, that does mean there's an increase possibility for rocks to fall onto the road or for mudslides to happen on the road, and so we really want drivers to be aware and drive cautiously in those areas," said Jake Melder, the public information specialist for ITD.

This weekend will likely be extremely busy on Highway 55 thanks to the three-day weekend. ITD always advises to check 511 for road conditions before you head out.

And you will want to keep a close eye on gas prices if you are planning on traveling. Right now, AAA says the average price for gas in Idaho is $3.20 per gallon, about 10 percent higher than the national average. But don't worry, there is some good news.

"We're only four cents above where we were this time last year in Idaho, and the national average is actually seven cents below where we were this time, so it really is just a slight deviation from what we saw last year," said Matthew Conde, the AAA public affairs director.

Gas prices normally fluctuate depending on supply and demand during the holiday. Gas Buddy experts predict prices will start to fall after a rough spring at the pump across the nation.