Meet the new Idaho GOP Executive Director Lyndel Strong

Posted at 5:18 PM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 19:24:45-04

The Idaho GOP has chosen a new executive director. Power County native Lyndel Strong is no stranger to the Republican Party. 

"I was the Young Republican Chair, as far as political positions go, and then I've been volunteering with the party for years," Strong said. "In the 2012 election I ran the headquarters in Bannock County."

As the executive director, Strong will be responsible for party fundraising and making sure the fundraising efforts meet federal and state regulations. 

Strong says her job also entails helping GOP county offices with their election needs. 

"There are definitely seats that are not Republican that we want to fight for and then make sure we keep the ones that we have," she said. 

Strong, 26, said it's important to have young people involved in the political process. She said many might be surprised at just how many young people are involved in the Republican Party. 

"When I was going to school at [Idaho State University], that's when I really started getting involved, and I was able to do that through the networking there," she said. "It was surprising to me about how many people truly believed in those conservative principles and the Republican message and platform."

With another election year right around the corner, Strong said she has a lot of work ahead of her. 

"2018 is going to be quite the election year," she said. "We have statewide positions that are going to be open all the way down to local ones. So I'll be doing my best to make sure those people running have all the resources they need in the generals that we make sure we have that victory across the state in all positions."

Strong will officially step into the position April 17.