Medical experts urge people to stay inside during cold temperatures

Going outside when it's cold could be dangerous
Posted at 8:53 AM, Jan 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-06 11:06:10-05

Not only do we have to be careful driving and walking in all this snow, but medical experts urge us to take health precautions as well. With temperatures being so low, an ER doctor at St. Luke's in Meridian says it's best to stay out of the cold unless you absolutely have to.

He says he has seen quite a few patients come in to the ER because they are too cold, but he says many of them have involved alcohol.

Right now many people in the treasure valley are shoveling the snow around their houses and driveways, but there is a reason that could be potentially dangerous.

"Being wet and being cold at the same time is actually quite dangerous. If you get sweaty while you’re shoveling snow, you need to be careful and get inside quickly," said Rick Hansen, ER Physician at St. Luke’s in Meridian.

He says if you do find yourself shoveling snow, make sure not to over-exert yourself and be careful with your back, arm and leg muscles.

The doctor says there is not a hard and fast rule for how long you can be outside before it becomes dangerous, but he says the most important thing is to listen to your body. If you feel too cold, take a break and go inside.