McCall Outdoor Science School helps Idaho students learn outside of the classroom

Posted at 9:38 AM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 11:38:53-04

There's a lot you can learn from Idaho's great outdoors.

At the University of Idaho's McCall Outdoor Science School, or MOSS, kindergarten through 12th grade students from all over the state get a one of a kind learning experience.

60 to 80 students at a time camp in cabins for a week.

"Kind of like a sleepover with all your friends," said Whitney Elementary sixth grader Kalani Olson.

They spend their days exploring Ponderosa State Park.

"We've been searching for insects and little creatures," Olson said.

But it's not just Idaho elementary students benefiting. MOSS is also a master's program.

"It's been awesome, it's been so much fun," said Annalee Cameron, a graduate student.

University of Idaho College of Natural Resources students also camp out at the state park, for a year. They serve as the young students' instructors and also take graduate level courses at the same time. They'll each finish the program with a Master of Natural Resources degree.

"I really want to take what I know about the environment and help others build a connection with our environment as well," Cameron added.

From canoeing and taking water samples of Payette Lake, to hiking the trails on the lookout for wildlife, the students learn outside of the classroom.

"They were able to core a tree yesterday and figure out how old it was, and they didn't know they could do that. A lot of times kids don't get the opportunity to be outside and get to explore, so they get to come here and have so much fun and they go home learning so much," said Cameron.

School groups can study at MOSS all year long, even during the snowy winter months. For more information click here to visit