Mayor Kling hosts Nampa's State of the City address

State of Nampa
Posted at 4:49 PM, Oct 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-19 18:49:46-04

NAMPA, Idaho — Mayor Debbie Kling hosted Nampa's State of the City address on Wednesday at the Nampa Civic Center. She went over the city's accomplishments in the last year.

Kling Started off with infrastructure, and the numerous projects she and the city had made progress on.

The city made improvements on the Midland and Lake Lowell and the Midland and Orchard intersections, while also making progress on construction of multiple roundabouts throughout the city.

“Another game changer for the entire treasure valley is State Highway 16,” Kling said.

She says the city worked closely with the Idaho Transportation Department to make sure the highway Integrated smoothly into the Nampa Area.

Kling also focused in on an uptick in violent crime in the area. She says while the trend in the last few years has grown down, the city had seen a slight increase in the last few months.

“Just know that Nampa PD is taking a strong, intentional, and coordinated stand against that crime," Kling said. “I think there is a concern that we are not funding police, and we’re funding police to the best that we can. But, we’re also using the resources the best that we can and they’re doing a really good job with that.”

You can find the entire speech on the city's facebook page.