Masterson concedes to McLean in Boise Mayoral election

Posted at 6:00 AM, Nov 08, 2023

BOISE, IDAHO — Around 11:00 p.m. on election night, Boise Mayoral candidate and former Boise Police Chief, Mike Masterson announced his concession to incumbent Mayor Lauren McLean.

In an interview with reporters, Masterson said, "Hey listen, I do not have the Mayor's phone number or I would be calling her right now to congratulate her on her reelection."

Masterson added he was grateful for the opportunity to make his political debut, and said he appreciates everyone who supported his campaign. But when asked if he'd make another run for office, Masterson was more hesitant. "I will never say never, but I will come close to saying never to you tonight," he said before chuckling amongst reporters.

Masterson said the City of Boise is divided among issues like public safety and housing. Adding his advice to McLean that if she can bring the community together "we can solve some of the most serious problems we have."

Before his concession, McLean told Idaho News 6 she is a Mayor for everyone, with a focus on the future. "I am a Mayor for everyone, and I will work day in and day out for the city that I love dearly. That means for the people of Boise. Whether you voted for me or not, we share something in common and that is that we love this place, and we are going to work hard together to make sure we have a great future."

After hearing of Masterson's concession, McLean took the podium, giving thanks to voters. "I hear my opponent conceded and I want to say to the people of Boise, it is truly truly an honor." Adding, "I thank you for your support, your vote, and for the work that we get to do for the city that we love, today, and into the future."

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