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Made in Idaho: RideOut Technologies creates a comfortable bike ride

Posted at 6:18 AM, Jul 20, 2018

Boise is well known for its friendly biking community. There are many great places to go for a ride, whether it's on the Greenbelt or up in the Foothills. However, biking is not fun if you have an uncomfortable seat. One "Made in Idaho" company is changing that.


Jeri Rutherford came to a rough conclusion during her long distance bike ride from Idaho to the Pacific Coast.

"I was on a comfort seat, but by the fourth day I hurt so bad I was pushing my bike down the highway saying, 'Oh my gosh I can't sit another day,'" Rutherford recalled.

Like many bicyclists know, an uncomfortable seat made for an uncomfortable ride, so Rutherford set to work.

"I went back home and bought a welder and started learning about carbon fiber," Rutherford said.

She created dozens of different styles of seats.

"They were so ugly. I was building them in my garage, it was crazy. I was sewing the covers by hand, they were horrible. But, I'd give them to friends and let them try them out. Then one day the friends stopped giving them back," Rutherford said.

Two years and 49 prototypes later, RideOut Technologies was official. The seat itself moves along with your body, shifting to the left and right as your center of gravity changes. The seat top is also wider to help with your weight distribution.

The Boise company offers four different seats for men and women, plus lighted handlebars and clip-on bags.

RideOut prides itself on being 100% female owned and operated.

"It's just wonderful and it's empowering. I'm so atypical of inventors. I was in my early 50s, I was single, I am not the person who would typically be out there making new pathways, and yet it's true and it happens," Rutherford said.

Now, she's helping everyone feel better.

"I think the world is a little more peaceful when you're on a bike."

You can find out more and order a RideOut bike seat online at You can also look for the seats at McU Sports in Boise.