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MADE IN IDAHO: Killer Whey dishes out guilt-free dessert

Posted at 7:55 AM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 17:33:51-05

You don't have to spend much time in the ice cream aisle these days to realize that healthier frozen dessert options are growing in popularity. And one of those desserts is made right here in the Treasure Valley.

Killer Whey is a low-fat, high-protein frozen dessert (kind of like ice cream's healthy cousin) and is the brainchild of food-scientist-turned-entreprenuer, Louis Armstrong. He says the idea was born after a workout with a friend. "We had some ice cream sandwiches from the gas station, just terrible for you essentially," Armstrong says, "and decided why can't this thing have some actual value to it like protein."

Armstrong chose to focus on protein as the main nutritional component because of its importance to overall good health. "Protein is one of those essential things you have to have in your life so why not sneak it in in something delicious," he says. "[Killer Whey has] 44 grams in a pint which is very different from anything you'll find out there." And it is delicious! In fact, when 6 On Your Side visited the Killer Whey creamery in Meridian, the crew was hand-packing mint chip, just one of the company's six flavors.

Armstrong and his wife Liz, along with co-founder and marketing guru Tate Glasgow, launched their frozen dessert line just two years ago, doing most of the leg-work themselves. Armstrong told us, "Pretty much working night and day to package, promote, we deliver to the stores ourselves, we make it ourselves, we merchandise it ourselves."

Their hard work paid off though, since you can now find Killer Whey in the frozen dessert aisle of several big-name stores, including Winco and Albertsons. Armstrong also says being made in Idaho - a state with a booming dairy business - has really helped Killer Whey see some killer results. "Being in ice cream, we use cream, we use whey protein from milk, it's a great place to cure that stuff."

If you happen to live outside the Treasure Valley and want some Killer Whey in your freezer, the company does ship their product nationwide via their website. They've also expanded outside the Gem State and are also now being carried in grocery stores in Salt Lake City.

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