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Made in Idaho: Decalcomania's augmented reality wall decals in Walmart stores

Posted at 5:14 AM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 17:33:26-05

The Meridian decal company that's the original creator of the stick figure families on cars everywhere, is going high tech.

Decalcomania is making it big and making it in Idaho.

"We decided to go all in with augmented reality and we have not looked back," said Spencer Hill, president of Decalcomania.

Hill and his team at Decalcomania bring stickers to life.

"We were looking for a way to set ourselves apart, because the decal business is extremely competitive," Hill said.

With augmented reality, the wall decals, in all sorts of characters, twist and turn on your screen.

"You start with the wall decal which we sell as a product. Then you download our app, it's free on any of the app stores. You simply use your smart device, point it at the wall decal, and that character will come to life in augmented reality on your smart device," Hill explained.

The big decals mean big business. This Meridian company landed a deal with Walmart. Decalcomania's augmented reality wall decals will be in 1,000 stores throughout the fall season. You can look for them in the home decor section. With the success, the team keeps looking for ways to improve.

"In our next version of the app, the characters not only come to life on your smart device, but you can actually start to interact with them, drop them in space, kind of control some of their movements and what they do," Hill said.

The fun and easy to use technology is a hit with all ages.

"Oh kids love it of course. All the way up to adults love it. They think it's amazing."

For more information, visit Decalcomania's website here.