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Made in Idaho: 'Crave' crafts new concept in food delivery

Renowned restaurants all under one roof
Posted at 6:27 AM, Jun 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-26 12:26:04-04

BOISE, Idaho — The food delivery game has just been stepped up a notch in the Treasure Valley, thanks to a brand new restaurant concept designed specifically with delivery in mind.

Crave Deliveryis an app-based food delivery concept that launched just this spring in southwest Idaho. Renowned restaurants from the northwest and beyond are invited to set up shop in Crave’s commercial kitchen where their world-class dishes are made and then delivered to foodies in the Boise area.

Crave’s Director of Strategy, Shannon Bloemker, describes it like this: “Each of these restaurants comes into the kitchen, they make their awesome menus, and we provide them an app that we built so they can provide it to consumers, who can place an order for delivery in their home or business or wherever they are..It’s definitely not fast food or fast-casual but it really is approachable.”

The concept does provide a unique dining experience for food-lovers, but also makes it easier for chefs to reach a whole new audience. “It allows them to come to this new region and to not have to take on the burden of a huge big lease or a big build-out…It can be very expensive for a restaurant to expand,” explains Bloemker. “In many ways, it will feel to people as if Elliot’s in Seattle has come to Boise and really sort of planted their roots here.”

Crave also has its own fleet of cars and drivers which streamlines the process even further. The big question, though - what can foodies expect to feast on when they order from Crave? Says Bloemker, “We’re bringing lots of Pacific Northwest seafood, even some filet mignon with Dungeness crab...Betelnut out of San Francisco has some really fresh Asian dishes inspired by Cecilia Chang, PF Chang’s mother.”

There’s also southern comfort food out of North Carolina, and Italian dishes from a renowned Seattle-based chef, plus a dozen more restaurants set to be on board by this fall. “We do have this world-famous pizza place coming in, we have a slider place coming in, we have a wing place coming in.”

That will be made possible by the massive 15,000 square foot kitchen space Crave is building at the 10 Mile Crossing area in Meridian right now, set to be fully operational by September 2020.

Bloemker says the Boise area has already shown a hearty appetite for Crave’s award-winning creations, and that makes the crew even more enthusiastic about what’s ahead. “We’re super excited that this is our flagship and this is our home and we’re just excited to be a part of it all,” she says.

To try out Crave’s collection of food for yourself, just look for their free app in your app store, find them online, or give them a follow on Facebook.