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Made in Idaho: Company famous for hand creams adds sanitizer to its product line

Camille Beckman company pivots its product line
Posted at 6:54 AM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 08:54:46-04

The Camille Beckman company - now a global name in soaps and lotions - has been a Treasure Valley icon for nearly 40 years.

Vice President Roshan Roghani is the daughter of company founder Susan Camille Beckman. She tells Idaho News 6 the business was born from her great aunt Rose’s unique hand cream recipe, which, “She restructured and remade into this amazing formula and people just couldn’t get enough of it.”

So while hand creams and beautifully scented soaps put this Eagle-based manufacturer on the map, once the coronavirus crisis hit in early 2020, Roghani says they knew right away it was time to pivot their product line. “We’re all talking about hand sanitizer,” she says, “so as a team we just pivoted and came up with this amazing formula...Sanitizer was a really natural jump for us.”

Within just a few weeks of its conception, Camille Beckman hand sanitizer joined the ranks of its beloved bar soaps and balms, and became an instant success, selling out almost daily. And while sanitizer is a quick, easy and portable way to keep hands clean, soap is really the best way to combat covid-19, and Camille Beckman’s got you covered there, too, with bar soaps, pump soaps, and cleansing gels.

And all of it is created, processed, and packaged right here in the Gem State. “Made in America, made in Idaho,” says Roghani, “all of it’s manufactured right here and it literally goes from our factory into the gift shop.”

If you’d like to pick up some soaps or sanitizer for yourself, Camille Beckman’s gift shop has remained open six days a week so Idahoans can still get their hands on these essential items. You can always order online too by checking out their website here.

Camille Beckman also owns and operates the Chateau des Fleurs wedding venue, which had to close down temporarily due to the pandemic. The Chateau team has been keeping busy, though, working in the extensive gardens on the Camille Beckman property, and if all goes well, the company hopes to open a farmers market on-site sometime in June using produce from the gardens.